My Story

I want to share with you my new experience with Scentsy- a safe, flameless, soot & lead free alternative to scented candles. The wickless candles (powered by 15-25watt light bulb) melt the food base wax just above room temperature & never gets hot enough to burn. It is safe to have around children and pets. I love a great smelling home. I used to buy a lot of candles, but was affraid of fire. My friend was looking for a 2nd income and discovered Scentsy and shared it with me. I love the Scentsy products so much I decided to become a consultant to share with everyone. Scentsy offers so many styles & colors of warmers & over 80 wax scents. They also have Essensial Oils and Diffusers, Hair, Skin and Laundry products, Scentsy Buddy scented stuffed animals, car fresheners, room sprays, a If you are interested in the great new Scentsy products, call 916-435-0299 or email me:!          click here to:    Read the Scentsy Story! <!--endbody-->